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> Xion and Dave (Team Sabersprite), on the basis of Waver's previous post about Team Seph, engage them when they see Sephiroth patrolling the city by air. They decide to try to lure Seph into a more secluded area but only make it as far as the stables.
> The fight begins - Davesprite vs. Sephiroth, with Xion and Elena on the sidelines.
> WHILE THAT IS HAPPENING, Xion contacts Waver and Lamont (Team Eyebrows and Hair)
> Waver then contacts Roxy (Team Robots), and Saber (Team Big Guns). Roxy contacts Dirk.
> Team Eyebrows and Hair arrive on scene.
> Triple tagging between Davesprite, Seph, and Waver. Lamont uses a Command Seal on Waver to give him a boost.
> Xion and Lamont are well out of the way, and likely also discussing things.
> Elena uses a Command Seal to keep Sephiroth from going after Xion.
> Team Robots and Team Big Guns arrive just in time to see that happen. (Is Waver out of commission at this point as well?) I guess this is where they step in to keep Sephiroth busy while...
> Davesprite dies (three-way thread with Xion and Dirk).
> Sephiroth uses Supernova, and Tieria likely also uses his Noble Phantasm. Seph and Elena get away while everyone else scatters.

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[There isn't even an answering machine message here, only some horrible recreation of the theme from that one SBaHJ video he did made completely of clips of different bird calls.]

IC Contact

Mar. 10th, 2012 11:37 pm
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leave a message and maybe if im feeling magnanimous ill get back to you when im done with whatever important biznasty ive got on my hands

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[Tell me how I'm doing, I promise I'm actually nice and really want to do things right! Comments are screened. Anonymous comments SHOULD be enabled now, too.]
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Okay, so Davesprite types like this in this eye-searing orange
and he doesnt use punctuation ever
sometimes his sentences run on its kind of an english teachers nightmare

But obviously this is not everybody's cup of tea! Especially on white backgrounds. So if you do or don't want the color or the Courier, or you don't want Davesprite to tag you at all, just let me know! I'll screen comments here, too.

Other permissions:

  • Backtagging: Yes!
  • Threadhopping: Absolutely!
  • Fourthwalling: Talk to me first, but I'll probably say yes.
  • Offensive subjects (elaborate): I'm generally good to go with anything, though I'd appreciate warnings in particular for transphobic content (which hasn't been a problem so far, which is awesome)
  • Hugging this character: He'll flinch away and probably won't hug back, but if you're fast enough to catch him, sure.
  • Kissing this character: Why would you want to Same caveats as above for the most part, but sure.
  • Flirting with this character: All the yeses. Yes.
  • Fighting with this character: Yes! I'd like to talk it out before or as we go, though, because I'm always afraid I'm overstepping boundaries when it comes to how good he might be.
  • Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Talk to me about it, but the answer is almost completely likely to be yes. And it can be as severe as you want, the kid showed up with a hole in his gut and a wing ripped off.
  • Killing this character: Ask me. This one depends greatly on situation.
  • Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yeah, go for it! If you need to know what he's actually thinking, just ask me.
  • Warnings: Davesprite is a super-offensive thirteen-year-old boy and makes a number of sexist, sexual, and ableist jokes as well as cursing up a storm. If this is a problem OOC, let me know and I can tone it down. (If it's a problem IC, your character's probably out of luck OTL)
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Character Information

Canon Source: MS Paint Adventures' Homestuck
Canon Format: Mind-bending multimedia webcomic epic
Character's Name: Davesprite (formerly Dave Strider, but alternate timelines/selves are a recurring thing in Homestuck)
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Okay, so since it's been mad difficult defining Davesprite's powers and I had to make a lot of decisions on my own, I decided to make this entry to detail my thought process on the matter and provide the evidence and inferences I gathered for my ultimate conclusions.

Of course, the MSPA Wiki was invaluable.

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